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Our Story

Frida is an homage to the Mexican lifestyle which is full of hot temperments, fun and delicious feasts. All the decorations have been imported from Mexico, while our glassware was embossed in the last traditional glassworks near Guadalajara. Frida Kahlo is the patron of our restaurant. Her vibrant life shows how to combine love, passion and fun.

Tequila - our speciality

  • La Bandera

    PLN 10
  • Sierra Silver 40 ml

    PLN 12
  • Sierra Gold 40 ml

    PLN 14
  • Jose Cuervo Reposado 40 ml

    PLN 17
  • Jose Cuervo Silver 40 ml

    PLN 17
  • Sauza Silver 40 ml

    PLN 18


"Coctail" Monday

Order your favorite coctail, get a second one half price.

“Sizzle “ Tuesday

Order your favorite Fajita, get a second one half price.

Burger Wednesday 

Order a burger and get Cola and nachos with cheese salsa for free!

Thursday for two

Ordering sets for two you will pay 10zł less!

Friday and Saturday

La Bandera weekend frenzy! Drink for love, freedom and money, and we will pay for every fifth toast

Family Sunday

All kids eat from Kids Menu for free!


Meet our crew

Our team guarantees the highest standards of the food served. Our chefs have been responsible for Frida’s menu since the founding of the restaurant.










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